Skills to learn during the quarantine

Quarantine has come with limitations and a list of things that one cannot do. However, it can be viewed differently. It offers an opportunity in terms of a slower lifestyle. When you are not allowed to go out, use the time at home constructively. With negative news all around indulge yourself in something that makes you happy and brings out your creative side too. Use this time to learn new skills or refine the skills that you always wanted to but never had time for it. Give wings to your creative front and fly high.

You can learn or refine the following skills during the quarantine


Cooking is the basic skill that one shall know. It is also a vital skill to support oneself. If you don’t know how to cook, then quarantine is the best time to give it a shot! If you already know how to cook, then try your hands on different recipes, cuisines and diversify your culinary skills. When it comes to cooking, there is no end to it. It can also be continued after quarantine on a day to day basis. No more need to order it online or having it at office mess or canteens or even being dependent on others for it. Surprise your colleagues at the office by your culinary skills and invite your friends over to get together to chit chat and showcase your skills.


Gardening is yet another skill that can be learned about being at home. If you have a house garden then the sky is the limit. Learn how to grow plants; learn to take care of them by watering, using manure, trimming, etc. If not, then you can do it in small pots in your balcony. Moreover, you can start with a few kitchen plants and be self-sufficient for basic kitchen requirements like chilies, mint, coriander, tomatoes, etc. Moreover, you can also paint a few pots, plant them, and use it decorating the interior of your house.


Baking is much in trend these days. It is not just an extension of cooking but makes your cooking options healthier many times. It is considered as a science that one learns by practice. Once you learn it, there will be no need to celebrate a birthday by booking a cake order. Rather you can yourself bake the same and surprise everyone. It would surely become the best gift for your family and friends that one can receive from you.

Yoga, Meditation and Pranayam

Quarantine is a perfect time to learn all the asanas that come under yoga. Being healthy practice not only helps in shedding some weight but also improves your flexibility, tones your body, and correct hormonal imbalances.  Pranayam involves a set of breathing exercises that calms your mind and refreshes your body. Meditation helps in improving your concentration and focus that eventually also work wonder on your work productivity.


If you ever loved photography, now is the time to refine your skills. Photography is not limited to natural landscapes or weddings. It can start from your home by capturing portraits of your family members or their moments. Click pictures of your garden or backyard, sunset, or sunrise views from your balcony, etc. Click some candid pictures of your family members that can serve as a beautiful memory of the quarantine spend at home with your loved ones.


Furthermore, you can go to the next level and create a scrapbook. Decorate the coloring pages with simple DIY techniques, put pictures and moments, and leave a thought, funny incidence, or a special moment together. It will have a much-personalized feel over any album. You can also gift the same to your loved ones which they will always cherish. If you know calligraphy, then you can leave handwritten notes in a much more beautiful way.