5 ways to take care of yourself during COVID – 19 Pandemic

COVID – 19 has spread across the continents. It has taken the world by storm. People are finding it difficult to cope with the lockdown and social distancing it has brought along as a preventive measure. In such a gloomy time, it is imperative to take care of health.


  1. Give importance to mental health 

Try to stay calm in the exhausting COVID – 19 times. News channels, social media platforms are flooded with the news about the spread of the disease, its rising cases, etc. that could eventually build a negative atmosphere around. Though one shall keep updated to acknowledge the severity of the infection and know about its local spread around; overdoing of the same can be avoided.  Practice yoga or meditation at home for mental fitness. Pranayam can also help as these are the breathing exercises that calm the mind and control anxiety. It could help maintain sound mental health during the time of COVID – 19.


  1. Try to utilize time constructively  

Lockdown brings about long hours at home. Indulge yourself in hobbies and activities that keep you engaged and occupied. It serves as a perfect time to pursue the activities that one always wanted to do but could not make time for the same. It will not only keep you distracted from the overindulging in the current situation and its panic but will also improvise you at your hobbies. Spending time constructively keeps you productive and mentally healthy.


  1. Stay connected with loved ones 

This period serves as a perfect time to keep in touch with your family and friends. Moreover, it can be better utilized to get back in touch with whom the contact has been lost over time due to busy schedules, office – home rush, etc. People across the world are on the same boat with respect to COVID – 19, checking on their health and well being will not only keep the communication live but also strengthens the relationship with them which is utmost required at such time. It will bring positivity and will keep you emotionally healthy in such gloomy times.


  1. Practise physical exercise  

With the lockdown, people have not been able to continue to go to the gym or pursue their favorite outdoor sport. Moreover, it is the time when health is of the utmost importance to boost and maintain immunity so as to fight infection and stay healthy. Regular physical exercise will help achieve the same. In addition, lockdown schedules and work from home regimes can bring lethargy. Physical exercise will help overcome the same.


  1. Maintain a healthy diet and regime 

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet will not only fuel the body but will also keep the mind sound. During the times when everyone is avoiding going out and staying home, the body and mind must keep healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet and regime ensures one’s immunity, well being, and productivity in the lockdown period. Along with it, keeping a note of optimum water intake and adequate sleep also holds importance. Set, maintain, and stick to a routine that allows you to remain productive in work from the home regime.