Soon to be parents, Joshua Jackson and Jodi Turner-Smith

First pregnancy, the first child and first-time parents, these first times are synonymous to sheer excitement, hope, happiness and much more. Joshua Jackson, the 41-year-old Little Fires Everywhere star, is expecting his first child with his wife Jodi Turner-Smith.

The California based couple is however stressed out being caught right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. 


However, they are managing and are trying to keep things as normal as possible. Here is what Jackson said “We’re just trying to figure out on a moment to moment basis how to get through this with our sanity. He also said that they had taken to playing board games to pass the time. “We’re in the board game stage now. We did a lot, a lot, a lot of binge-watching last week, so now … we’ve moved our way through Monopoly. Now it’s actually Jenga. Jenga’s the thing!”

In the face of coronavirus that is making the situation dire for people globally, the couple has not yet revealed what kind of delivery will they be opting for. The baby was due in April 2020 according to earlier reports. Hence the couple is excited about the arrival of their first child anytime now. 

The couple has been dating since 2018 and got married in December.