Country Music Legend Kenny Rogers passes away at 81

Another country legend breathed his last today at 81. Kenny Rogers passed away in a hospice, surrounded by his loved ones. His death was due to natural causes. His family announced Roger’s death via his verified Twitter account.

Rogers was initiated into the Country Music Hall of fame in 2013. His signature husky voice was loved by millions. The Country Music Association issued a statement where they said that Country Music has lost the great Kenny Rogers, who has forever left a mark on Country Music’s history. His family and friends are in our thoughts during this difficult time.

The love of people that Kenny enjoyed during his career can be understood from the fact that he had 24 number 1 hits and sold 50 million albums in the US alone. Kenny had won the County Music awards 6 times and the Grammy 3 times. 

The country singer retired in 2015. His parting words on his retirement were, “I’ve been so lucky to have enjoyed such a long career and to have such amazing support from my fans and all who have helped me along the way, but there comes a time when I need to focus on spending time with my family. My life is about my wife and my 11-year-old twin boys right now. There are a lot of things I want to do together with them to create some special memories. I don’t have a bucket list of my own … I have a bucket list of things I want to do with them.”

Rogers is survived by his wife and his twin boys. Some of his hits included “Lady,” “Lucille,” “We’ve Got Tonight” and “Through the Years.”. The family plans a small and private service for Kenny as the fear of transmitting the dreaded coronavirus is pressing down on everyone. 

His 1978 song “The Gambler” inspired multiple TV movies, with Rogers as the main character.