New York in total lock down: 100% work from home

Globally, lockdowns seem to be the way of life that everyone must adapt to as a norm until the storm of coronavirus blows over. The US is not resistant to it nor is its states. Today morning the governor of California called for lockdown and now it is the city of New York.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo today signed an executive order making it compulsory for 100% of the New York workforce to work from home. The order, however, will not be applicable for people providing essential services like in pharmacies and grocery stores, utility service providers along with internet service providers. 

To ensure that there is no more community transmission in New York, Governor Cuomo has categorically said that gathering of any kind, may it be a party, an event, or any kind of celebration, all stands cancelled.

New York has drive-through testing centres for coronavirus. The state carries out its own tests as they have federal approval for the same. Cuomo stated that perhaps New York’s ability to carry out its own covid-19 tests have been the impetus behind such a high number of cases being diagnosed. He further added that New York is now testing more per capita than South Korea and China. This is true as New York continues to test people for Covid-19 on its own. Consequently, the state has until now tested more than 32,000 people. The maximum that they tested in one day was 10,000 people in one day. 

Though Cuomo has assured NY not to worry he is contemplating on procuring more hospital beds and ventilators. To lower the burden on the medical staff, which is working day in and out and tending to the 1,255 corona virus-infected people, all elective surgeries have been cancelled.   

To cushion people from going homeless he has also levied a 90-day moratorium on evictions both for residential and commercial tenants. With the economy hurt, and offices closing down, many have lost jobs.