Women Day 2020 : “I am Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights”

The International women’s day has been marked by rallies and events that demand highlighting of issues faced by women. This year was no different. On International Women’s day. Even though the outbreak of coronavirus dampened the excitement and many rallies were called off, they were still taken out in Pakistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Chile. While women in Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan faced violence, the rallies in Turkey and Chile faced the police.

In Mexico statistics says that 10 Mexican women are killed on an everyday basis. Last year the total number of women fatality was 3, 800. Women called out for abstinence from work and school. The strike was supported by many employers in Mexico like Walmart, Ford etc.

However like mentioned the rallies for justice for women by women were not appreciated everywhere. These marchers had to face religious hardliners along with local authorities. In Pakistan, when women took to the streets with placards reading “My body, My Choice” it was found to be religiously inapt. People hurled stones and shoes at these.

Kyrgyzstan went a step ahead in making these rallies when masked men attacked the women in the rallies. Later they were detained by police in the capital Bishkek.

Turkey kept up with its tradition of not tolerating women’s rallies by blocking thousands of women from entering the Taksim Square. Last year the Turkish police had sprayed tear gas to disperse the rally.

Chile reported clashes along with a few arrests. Seems like 2 million woman and supporters of women’s rights flooded the streets whereas the police data downplayed the size of the mass gathered for the event.

Rallies were carried out in Iraq, Philippines, Venezuela, and Belarus too.

The international women’s day was first observed in New York on February 28, 1909. It was historic day when after about 100 years, women were finally recognized and were given the labour rights, protection from violence, access to sexual and reproductive health, and political rights to reach the highest positions of leadership. It was victory of women in general as these changes were made and accepted by many.

Every year on women’s day rallies are carried out on themes. This year the theme was is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights”.