Ressso : a musical platform by TikTok makers

Social Media platform, TikTok is a success story. A platform for everyone, the users of TikTok make short video content for entertainment. The popularity of this platform is such that they even have TikTok stars. This has driven the platform’s owner, Bytedance to launch a music app called Ressso, free to download the app on IOS and Android.

However, the free version of the app will come with ads. The streaming of music will also be at a lower bitrate of 128 kbps. The premium Ressso tier will not have any ads. Subscribers will also be able to unlock song downloads, as well as streaming at a higher bitrate of 256kbps. The subscription costs ₹99 for Android users and ₹119 for iOS users.

Ressso will have its own identity. Bytedance has been testing Ressso in India and Indonesia since December 2019. The new features of Ressso include lyrics sharing ability, which the Chinese tech giant considers to be a USP that the Indian audience will lap up.

While keeping up with its TikTok vide for a bit and in its efforts to differentiate itself from other existing music apps, Resso has a feature called “Vibes”.  This feature allows the user to upload six-second pre-recorded videos, called “Vibes”. The uploaded track will play on the background of a song.

Like any other app, here Ressso has retained the feel-good factor of likes and comments. According to Resso officials, an in-house moderation team keeps a check on Vibes and comments. However, right now, there’s no way to turn off vibes.

A unique feature is also the feature that lets Resso users select lyrics of a song and turn it into a poster to share it on other social media platforms. Ressso is presenting itself as a musical experience.