South Korean Coronavirus Super spreader’s cult: Shincheonji Church of Jesus

In the chaos of the coronavirus, intentional insanity can only be accounted for as evil. The 61-year-old lady who is now dubbed “patient 31”, was the super spreader. This act by the woman had a lot to do with the church she followed: The Shincheonji church of Jesus. Led by a self-styled God incarnate, Mr. Lee Man-hee, who founded the church, claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The woman who spread the virus was a church member of this secretive church of Daegu. She had a persistent cold and cough, yet she did not get diagnosed. Though she was sick she attended two prayer sessions which made the virus all the more widespread. The situation being what it is, the Deagu officials had to ask more than 1,000 families to stay home.

To make matters worse the second cluster of coronavirus broke out in Cheongdo county. According to reports, the carrier to Cheongdo might be a senior health official, also a follower of the church that is called a Christian cult church. Unfortunately, this official had the symptoms but chose to remain quiet until after he was diagnosed. A policeman and a local school teacher opted to do the same.  Interestingly, like in Christianity, Cheongdo is considered hallowed ground since it is the birthplace of Lee.

The woman, the local policeman, and the teacher had fallen prey to the teachings of the church that prayed to a man who became a god for them. Initially when the spread of the virus was amok amongst the church goes, the health officials found it extremely difficult to investigate the people there.

Lee Man-hee screamed murder when he stated that it is the devil who is trying to undo his work and stop the rapid growth of Shincheonji. The church and Lee are on the receiving end of lashings because 60% of the COVID-19 cases are from the same cult in South Korea.

The Shincheonji had prohibited its members from wearing masks. This was highlighted when Lee called a press conference after Park Won-soon, Seoul’s mayor, filled a lawsuit against the leaders of the church for murder, injury and violation of prevention and management of infectious diseases.

Lee said that his church does not pressurize anyone into abandoning jobs and family lives. He further clarified that nor do they ask the members to deny coronavirus testing or keep away from wearing masks.  In the press conference, the usually reclusive Lee bowed low and apologized. Ironically, the 88-year-old came wearing a mask.