Fashion & CDC on COVID: Weird, humorous or plain genius??

CDC says beards and mustaches are not advisable


With COVID-19 becoming a threat to the world and almost on the verge being a pandemic, every precaution seems to fall short. To ensure safety though, the most promoted and recommended measures are to wash hands as frequently as possible. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has taken prevention a step ahead with recommended facial-hair care for men. This might sound ridiculous but think about it. It does make sense.

Beards need maintenance just like hair. Moreover, beards do get dirty and messy. If not taken care of it will be breeding ground of ailments. Moreover due to the volume of beard hair, wearing masks becomes difficult.

According to the CDC, facial hair in men is a serious hindrance to protection from COVID-19 since beards are close enough to both nose and mouths. The risk of inhaling or swallowing harmful organisms increases in men with beards. It is therefore advised that men keep shorter and neater the facial hairstyle.

CDC has also advised against mustaches. Men love to flaunt a well-kept beard or a mustache. Just like in beards, mustaches have the same kind of risk factors attached to themselves. With facial hair out of question as per the CDC guidelines now, they have suggested a facial hairstyle can be easily worn by men. CDC says that stubble is an apt option.


A bat-man suit that can sterilize itself


The fashion industry too is trying to step up and contribute to COVID-19. A conceptual design by a Chinese architect Sun Dayong, the dress is basically a shield that can allegedly protect its wearers from any outbreak.

Merging science and design, Dayong bases the dress on the theory that UV light is capable of sterilizing. The dress will be like a backpack. It will have a PVC film that will stretch in between the carbon fiber supports. The look will be like that of a bat-man suit.

The wires in the plastic stretch wings would be able to heat up. The suit will be preset to heat to a temperature, which will be high enough to kill pathogens, which in turn will create a sterile and safe environment for the user.