President of India hosts State dinner for the Trumps 

President of India hosts State dinner for the Trumps

Indians are known for their hospitality as much as their cuisines. So when the President of the United States of America and his wife, the First Lady, Melania Trump Landed in India, a culinary delight awaited them. The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind is set to host a Presidential State dinner in the honor of the Trumps. The thoughtfulness of the Indians will be evident in the menu that will be served. Designed to be primarily an Indian fare, the menu will have an appeal to the American palate as well.

To be prepared by thirty-two trained chefs at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Kitchen, a few hours before the dinner, the food will be served fresh. However, before being served, the food will be tasted by the secret service personnel as well as by the Rashtrapati Bhavan’s security team, beforehand.

This dinner is set to be a marked State affair wherein a special menu cad is printed with the Indian National symbol. The crockery too will be printed with the same.

The menu will consist of starters, followed by the man course and then desserts. Reportedly, the starters will consist of an orange-based dish that will have edible golden decorative called Varq. This will be followed by a salmon fish tikka. The vegetarian fare will have potato tikka, Spinach chaat, and an array of soups.

Trump, known for his love for red meat will be served roast mutton leg or raan, with gravy. This will be served with mutton biryani.

The vegetarian fare will include a spread of pulao, mushroom, and peas, Dal Raisina which would be made of whole spices with clarified butter.

In desserts, the guests will have a choice to pick from Malpua, rabri, apple pie and vanilla ice-cream. The finishing touch would be with tea, coffee, and paan (Fragrant betel nut leaf filled with sweet ingredients).

The State dinner hosted by the President of India, not only is an honor to the American President but also a way of showcasing Indian hospitality.