Social Media: Trends that will work in 2020

Social Media

Are you one those people who live life like you are clocking 24X7 on social Media? From your morning tousled look to your evening party look, everything is no social media. If you are not one of these people then ask someone who lives this life: Social media is life for them, so much so that people don’t realize that they have long transgressed that wide line in between privacy and public living.

However social media laps up this kind of content. Currently, the most used and popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Whats App, FB messenger, We Chat, and Instagram to name a few.

Here is a look at what social media trends are for 2020:

  • Video content continues to dominate the market: Videos are engaging, interesting and much more preferred as compared to text or audio. Research, in fact, pegs that 82% of the content on social media is primarily videos
  • Short Videos will always have the upper hand: Let’s just say these videos are tailor-made to suit the attention span of internet users. Information capsules, literally are what is preferred by the users. Easy to understand, quick to watch, and super easy to decipher.
  • Social media platforms will always score when it comes to their niche. The fastest-growing platform TikTok is an instant. It is a talent displaying, direct consumer reaching the platform.

When it comes to serious business, it is LinkedIn or Twitter that scores. Hence social media platforms to have a segment defined for a particular audience.

  • Experimenting with its platform: Take Facebook, Twitter, or for that matter any social media platform. Users who post and publish on these platforms look forward to likes and comments. If a post does not get as many likes, may a times users do get discouraged.

This is something that Instagram is talking about for taking away the likes option from its platform. However, it is looked as a way of pushing businesses to opt for their paid advertisements.

  • Influence marketing: TikTok has stars these days. People with 1 million and more followers. So how do these people benefit the platform? It’s a complete cycle that begins with the users being popular. When an individual has as many followers, they earn gifts. In return TikTok then promotes videos of brands using their star performers, which will influence a million users who follow this one person.

Social media is dynamic and changes its approach often. What remains constant is its positioning and the consumer segment it caters too. These trends for 2020 will undergo some modifications in a few months but will deter from these core intents.