NBA All-Star Game MVP to be named after Kobe

Kobe Bryant was a legend and he was loved. The basketball community will not forget him. It was proven with Commissioner Adam Silver’s announcement that NBA All-Star Game MVP will now be permanently named after Kobe Bryant. These games have a history with Kobe.

It was in 1998 that Kobe Bryant made his debut at the All-Star Game. He was the youngest player to make it to the League’s midseason. Adam Silver had worked closely with Kobe when he and Kobe both were a part of the NBA.

Kobe played for Log Angeles Lakers. From 1998 until 2016, Kobe was consecutively selected for all the leagues barring 1999, when there was no game played due to NBA lockdown.

In a recent accident Kobe and his daughter Gianna, along with 7 other close friends were killed when their helicopter crashed. It was a shock that the world took time to absorb especially the Lakers. The league matches were on that night. The games underwent as scheduled but later the Lakers’ Vs La Clippers games were re-scheduled to two days later.

In another gesture to pay respect to Kobe and Gianna, team LeBron has decided to wear Kobe’s jersey number twenty-four (24). Team Giannis will wear jersey number two (2) to honor Gianna. They will wear jerseys throughout this year.

There has been a question on why the games were let to go on even after the news of Kobe’s death reached the community. Adam Silver spoke at length on why they let the games on even after the news of Kobe’s death reached them.

He said “The immediate issue was whether games were going to be played that night on Sunday night. Through our operation center in Secaucus, New Jersey, we have a live look into every one of our arenas, and we realized that people were already assembling for some of the games that were scheduled. People were already in arenas, and they’re still had not been confirmation … that Kobe and Gigi had lost their lives.

“So it didn’t feel appropriate to us that we should be canceling our events and acknowledging something that was not official yet. We were in touch with the family indirectly, and I think also, certainly at that moment, they were not prepared to acknowledge something that had not clearly happened.”