Justine Beiber releases his new album: Changes

When you are in love you are no longer ashamed of accepting your flaws and admitting to what is right in your life.  Justin Bieber’s new album Changes is a one like that. Bieber fans are going crazy after the dropping of his album.

Most of the songs are love letters to his wife Hailey Baldwin.  With his docu-series Seasons, Beiber already lets people have a sneak peek into his life. The series also documents how Beiber became a changed man post-marriage, Hailey Baldwin.

Changes talk about the couple’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations over the years in their lives. The songs in the album become quite mushy and romantic as he does not shy away from revealing some of his sexual moments with his wife. This is Justin as he was before.

Justin is currently also collaborating with artists like Post Malone & Clever (Forever) and Kehlani (Get Me).

Justine seems secure and at home at this stage of his life. His album has references to Selena Gomez the first woman he loved.


One of the songs of the album called All around me has lyrics that say “Never thought I could ever be loyal. To someone other than myself. I never thought I could ever be a spoiler. Guess anything is possible with your help.”


These lyrics are a testimonial to the change that the singer has undergone in his life. There was a time he cheated on Selene Gomez. Selena had let out her frustration in her songs in Rare.


Come around me, intentions, forever, second emotion, what is love, are some of the other songs. Through the lyrics, Justin has handled accusations as well as haters who still want to see him with Selena Gomez.

Sample these lyrics from the song, What is love :

“After all the lies I told you, yeah, that’s what love is. That’s what true love is. Don’t nobody else deserve my time.”

“Oh, now I know what love is. I know what true love is. Yeah, down in my soul. Far more than you know.”

This is a reply to those who hate his wife, Hailey. He puts many haters straight when he says no one deserves his time and attention more than the woman h chose to be his wife.

With back in the block, give his songs a listen. You will have him singing to you when you drive