Uber in Las Vegas Goes Pet Friendly with Uber Pet Service

Uber in Las Vegas Goes Pet Friendly with Uber Pet Service

Vegas does things differently. It smells of rich and pets are just about a must for anyone in Vegas. After all, when the Sun goes down and the curtains fall in Vegas, a true friend to cozy up to can only be a pet. It is therefore not surprising that drivers in Vegas always find someone stepping into their car with a pet in a leash, bag or scooped up in their arms.

However, there is a downside to the story too. The experiences of pets riding in cars might not always be a pleasant one for all. Sometimes a driver might not be comfortable with a pet in the vehicle. It then becomes a disappointing moment for the driver and the rider both.  At other times, an obliging driver might regret his decision when a pet spoils the seat of his vehicle. Worst of all, it becomes an embarrassing ride when a pet soils the seat and ruins the car for subsequent rides for the day.

Uber, the American ride-hailing company noted all of it and decided to launch its pet service for rides. The cabs will now be available to transport the owners along with the pets in Las Vegas.

Speaking about the move, Uber spokeswoman Stephenie Sedlak that Uber is a customer-centric company. It is, therefore always looking at enhancing its capability to cater and accommodate the generic as well as the unique needs of the Uber users, across places. Hence the soon-to-be-launched initiative, namely the “Uber Pet” is just one example where Uber is extending convenience in unique ways. In the meanwhile, they are also providing the drivers with another opportunity to augment their earnings.

Sedlak went on to explain that Uber is already aware of the fact riders do bring in their pets with them. Since Uber has a policy to let service dogs accompany their owners free of cost, most of the drivers oblige. However many drivers are not okay with household pets being brought on rides by the owners.

Hence to be fair to the drivers too, Sedlak stated that Uber wanted to let the drivers also have a say in the rides that they will be undertaking. Hence the Uber app now has an option that says Uber Pet via which a driver can opt-out of a ride that will have a pet coming into the vehicle. The flexibility of taking comfortable rides is an aspect that Uber has always thought-out from the perspective of the rider as well as the driver. She further informed that Uber has already shared in-app and email instructions with drivers, educating them on how to opt-out of obliging a rider with a pet in the tow.