Coronavirus: Stories around it

A Name for the virus finally

Since December 2019, the world has abruptly woken up to know that we are all now threatened by a new, unknown and un-named virus, now named COVID-19. The World Health Organization had to name the virus keeping mind the international guidelines that demands that no location, reference to anyone, places or animals be made that might stigmatize someone or someplace.

A cruise has gone wrong

A ride on The Diamond Princess, a Japanese luxury cruise went severely wrong for the 3000 people on board. The ship had dropped off a person in Hong Kong who happened to test positive for coronavirus. Immediately The Princess was anchored off the shore of Yokohama. Japan refused entry to the cruise liner.  At present 136 people are infected and are quarantined in the Princess.

One of the infected people is an American Spencer Fehrenbacher. He is a master’s degree student in China. Spencer was one of the many people who had come away from China to celebrate the Lunar New Year. He wanted to spend a quick holiday with his friends before getting back to his research in China. Unfortunately, he has tested positive for COVID_19 and therefore now spends all his time in quarantine, reading and watching television.

Honeymoon planned for two years ruined

Milena Basso and Gaetano Cerullo were on their honeymoon aboard The Princess. They had planned for this day for the last two years.  As luck would have it, the couple is still on Princess, anchored in the sea off Yakohoma. However, it is not an extended honeymoon that they are in.

They are actually quarantined and stuck in the Princess. Basso is scared and says that since they have not developed any symptoms they can still be quarantined but in a safer environment, unlike the one, they are subjected to now.

Pakistan abandons its citizens, and a heartbreaking story emerges.

Hassan is a Pakistani student, pursuing his Ph.D. in Wuhan. He along with many others are in a locked down. His 80-year-old father in Pakistan is sick. On Thursday Hassan spoke with his father, who begged him to come back to Pakistan. Of course with the government deserting there was no hope.

Hassan’s father died the next day, a heartbroken man. Hassan is now desperately trying to get back home for his father’s funeral rites.

Doctors Who Took a Call of Duty.

In all of these stories Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower, who died of the same virus cannot be missed. He was jailed for speaking the truth as the Wuhan police said that he was spreading rumors. The court, after the doctor’s death, had to admit that it was wrong to stop the doctor from speaking up. Had he not been stopped maybe 1000 and more people would not have been dead today.

Nor can we overlook the sacrifice that the French doctor, Dr. Philippe Klein is making by refusing to be evacuated from China to help people there.  He is still in China serving people, as he was trained to do.