Corona virus is breaking China: India lends a helping hand

China is fighting corona virus but it’s losing the battle as of now.  The fact that China took time to even consider the new and unknown virus attack initially, passing it off as pneumonia has proven fatal. China is losing business and its economy is wavering, to say the least, not to mention its people and healthcare professionals.  At troubled times like these, India has reached out to China though it happens to be that country that China has always stood against.

Trade relations between the countries had soured for political reasons too. However, at a time when China needs all the help, it can get, the Indian PM has offered to help.  Supplies in China are getting scared and it is creating havoc. Masks, gloves and protective clothing are in short supply.  While people cannot find masks to wear, the ones who have some tock of the same are selling them in the black market.

Hence India has allowed emergency export of two large consignments of protective clothing and masks to China. Half a dozen more such suppliers will be dispatched from India.  It must be noted here that in wake of the corona virus outbreak, India had imposed a ban on the import of any personal protection equipment since February 1 from China.

However, to help out China, this ban has been set aside on an ad hoc basis. The consignments that have been dispatched carried 1.5 million masks. Interestingly even when the Air India flights were evacuating Indians stuck in China, the country had sent forty packets of protective clothing to China. The United States of America and Europe have also donated eighteen (18) and twelve (12) tons of supplies to China, respectively.  The United Nations too has been helping out China with its supplies.

China has already lost one thousand lives officially to corona virus.  The Wuhan virus, thus named after the place of is origin, was defined as less fatal than SARS but more transmissible. Wherever the case might be, China is now hard-pressed for time and seeking answers.

As the government gets desperate two of the most senior health officials at Wuhan have been sacked.  Moreover, with time the virus is getting stronger.  It’s incubation period that was supposed to be 14 days is now questionable. A woman was diagnosed with corona virus forty-two days after she came back from Wuhan.

Coronavirus is currently being studied and a cure is far off. However, a cure must be found as it is already too late.