Pangolin is 99% the likely Intermittent carrier of Corona Virus

Theories about who hosted the Coronavirus brought in various speculations. True the origin was traced to a wet market in Wuhan. However the virus was an alien because it was never detected earlier. Researching scientists traced the host of the virus to small mammals. Later they found strains of snakes in it. The latest suspect is the endangered Pangolin.

Researchers at the South China Agricultural University are the ones making this claim. They are terming the pangolin as the “intermediate host.” With the corona virus claiming lives like a wildfire and going rampant, researchers were sent into an overdrive to find the origin of the virus to initiate focused research and development of medicines to counter the virus. Scientists have been testing thousand of samples of wild animals for the study. Finally, a genome sequence of viruses was found on pangolins. The match is ninety nine percent (99%) with the corona virus patients.

China and Vietnam are the markets for pangolin where they are consumed. The scales of a pangolin is considered and used for medicines and its meat is eaten. This animal is on the endangered list and therefore sells in black market. Post the coronavirus outbreak in January 2020, China has put up a temporary ban on pangolins.

However, China is not fighting a fatal virus for the first time. In 2003, China faced the fatal SARS virus epidemic, caused by the horseshoe bats.

As of now corona virus is snubbing lives. The situation is getting all the grim as the virus is mutating.  It is adapting itself to versatile climatic conditions. Moreover it has a 2 week incubation period. That means a person might have contracted the virus two weeks before showing any symptoms of the flu at all.

China is pushed against a wall right now as makeshift quarantine facilities are being made. Till yesterday 70 makeshift facilities were being initiated in Wuhan. This city of Corona virus origin has witnessed almost 90% of the deaths reported so far.

Many countries all over the globe have put travel ban for anyone in and out of China. Though the World Health Organization has asked countries not to ban travel and China has expressed its anger, no one is listening. Countries are air-lifting their residents from China and making their own arrangement for quarantine and treatments.

China is in dire states. It tried to fight the virus alone and quarantined nine of its heavily populated cities. As of now the situation remains grave and dismal.