Towards the end of December 2019, a 61-year-old man died of respiratory disease in China. Another man followed suit a few days later. The pattern remained the same: death due to respiratory complications. The death toll began asserting itself driving China into overdrive to take measures and report the same to the World Health Organization. People began questioning the nature of this ailment which was till then said to be akin to the SARS virus.

It has later recognized as a Corona Virus, which was loosely termed nCov or the Wuhan virus. With a death toll of 362 and transmission into 24 countries, Corona was finally recognized and declared an emergency by WHO on 30th January 2020.

The origin of the virus has been traced back to the wet markets of Wuhan. It is suspected to have been passed on to the human body via small mammals like bats. One of the first places to be shut down post the identification of the area of origin was the wet markets of Wuhan, completely.

However, this move was set to be foiled by the approaching Chinese Lunar New Year. With nothing to deter the holiday and travel plans, there was a huge movement in and out of Wuhan. Consequently, the virus found enough host bodies to latch on to and the Coronavirus spread across Asia, starting with Japan. It quickly reached the United States of America and that is when the research scientists informed that the virus is mutating and adapting to survive in the climates as different and possibly as far removed from its country of origin.

The essence now was to quarantine the areas and the cities which were most affected. This meant completely shutting off nine cities that had the highest probability of being affected. But this was not all. People were dying in these quarantined cities too and the Chinese understood the need to rush and build completely quarantined facilities just like the ones they built during the SARS outbreak. They set themselves the task of building two hospitals for the Virus victims only, within a few weeks.

On the other hand, countries started mobilizing their strategies to evacuate citizens from China. It was during this time that the story of Dr.Philipe Klein, a French virus Tamer came into the fore. He is being hailed as a hero for choosing to stay back in Wuhan to help people. In his now famous words, he stated that he would be “more useful in China than in France”.

The world is reeling under the menace of Corona Virus and it is not a situation that seems to have reached its apex yet. The need now is for China to make collaborative efforts with the world’s best research scientist to curb the virus. As we wait for more news the first foreign Corona Virus death occurs in the Philippines.