Corona Virus chokes Lives out

Subject: Coronavirus: Is it getting deadlier? Corona Virus : The fast Mutating Deadly Virus / The Fatal virus from China: A Silent killer / Corona Virus chokes Lives out /

One of the world’s soaring country dealing with one of the worst epidemics that is impacting the world’s economy as well.
Could China’s confidence in handling the epidemic on their own be mistaken for their pride?
Currently Wuhan, a city inhabited by 11 million people, today lay vacant as if it is witnessing the calm after a severe storm.
Clearly the storm is not over yet.
People are put up in their homes for days together after the coronavirus hit the city of Wuhan.
Public transport has been pulled off temporarily.
The only people on the streets are the delivery of men or women who are busy servicing students and people who are scared to get out of their homes.
People from around the world who are in China presently, either for work, business, studies, and even pleasure, are hoping that their governments will soon evacuate them from China back to their homeland.
Several countries have, in fact, already started the process of evacuation. However, here is some food for thought. Reportedly, an estimated 5 million people have left Wuhan for a long weekend following the recent Lunar New Year holiday period.
In this case, there is a high probability that many of these leisure travelers have already moved out or around unknowingly, despite having early symptoms of the virus in them.
Experts worldwide have identified cities and provinces in mainland China, as well as cities and countries around the world, who are at high risk of spreading the coronavirus.
It is also been speculated that Bangkok is currently the most high-risk city after China which is in danger of the epidemic. Bangkok is one of the cities that receive the maximum number of air travelers frequently from the most affected cities from China. Hong Kong is second on the list, followed by Taiwan. Sydney, New York, and London are amongst the 30 other major international cities ranked in the research.

Countries which could be at high risk are as follows: –
 Thailand
 Japan
 Hong Kong
 United States
 Australia
 United Kingdom

Cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chongqing are all recognized as high risk as are the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Sichuan, Henan, and Zhejiang.

• A thousand prisoners on cruise stranded in Italy
• Christmas island of Australia is considered as a quarantine island
• Similarly, Singapore is setting up a quarantine facility on
• Us citizens have been isolated evacuees at a military base in California
• India has a student from Wuhan who has tested positive in Kerala.
• Pakistan has left it at the beck and call of China.
• Germany has begun evacuating its citizens from Wuhan shortly