Creative destruction of Korean Company RiiiD with ‘ SANTA ‘ TOIEC learning tool

Creative destruction of Korean Company RiiiD with ' SANTA ' TOIEC learning tool

Artificial Intelligence(AI) becomes an integral part of every vital field impacting our everyday lives. Education is where it now takes in massive creativity and making learning easier, more available. E-learning, interactive support, cloud technology and so on are growing in demand.

Korean EduTech RiiiD is leading the English language learning market with its customized AI-based e-learning platform. The startup’s SANTA TOEIC (International Communication English Test) application provides customized solutions to boost TOEIC scores based on the learning behavior of a user.

With the AI-based learning industry expected to grow to a size of $6 billion by 2024, RiiiD’s existence would certainly be a great success.

The SANTA TOEIC platform of AI-powered Personalized Learning for Users RiiiD is an innovative AI-powered TOEIC learning solution that provides a personalized, shortest learning path for users. The machine learning algorithm developed jointly by KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and the AI research teams of RiiiD, analyzes the ability of each user to offer the most optimal— time-saving and cost-effective— custom learning curriculum in real-time.

The service provides a diagnostic test that tests a customer in 5 to 10 questions, which gives an average ranking. For the analyzed user, a customized learning path is then constructed for the fastest score raise, and each question is recommended in order of its effectiveness. When learning with SANTA TOEIC the consumer is evaluated in real-time and the lectures are given whenever a weak point is found.

The startup conducted a score improvement study with 1500 beta users between 2014 and 2017 to prove the validity of the AI-based learning solution. For SANTA TOEIC the consumers had trained a total of 7.4 hours and obtained an increase of 56 marks.

“We are planning to reshape the education market and focus it on innovations and not just fashionable RiiiD Young Jun Jang CEO gimmicks.

SANTA TOEIC provides Revolutionizing Learning with AI & Funding History growing mobile apps and web-based platforms. The’ Santa. Inside’ mobile app is growing at a faster rate. The platform’s popularity can be gauged by the number of subscribers it received within six months of its launch n June 2017, which is more than 250,000. SANTA TOEIC’s cumulative number of users now is more than 1.1 million. The main products RiiiD currently offers for Japan are SANTA TOIEC, SANTA SAT and SANTA TOIEC.