If the population of Japan keeps on reducing – it will start growing

If the population of Japan keeps on reducing - it will start growing

As technology is progressing so is the world progressing at a very rapid rate. Innovations and creativity have no end when it comes to the technology sector. As becoming the best requires the best quality and ideas of machinery and technology which obviously would result in better technology, handy machinery which in turn would be the consequence of an easier and better lifestyle of a regular person living a normal life.

A country’s success and its future majorly depend on the leaders of the country. All the people in the politics of a nation have a responsibility on their shoulders to do all those things and take all those decisions that would prove to be in the best of interest of the people of their nation. When a leader is solely interested in making the best for the nation then there is no corruption involved in the politics of that nation. Leaders when getting more interested in making money for their interests and not for the nations’ interest then the future of that country does not appear to be very successful. Nations usually get the awareness of doing better and being more loyal through their political leaders who prove themselves to be statesmen, not just conventional politicians. The corrupt mindest of politics that is seen quite a times in the politics implies that the politicians do not have any farsightedness regarding their people and their nation. They are not visionary enough for promising the success and excellence of their nation.

Authorities of japan have to take urgent action about the present situation. The solution would, of course, be based on technological advancements shown by science. Endeavors ought to be made to make up for the maturing and contracting populace with expanded profitability by method for the social usage of cutting edge innovations. In any case, that is an alternate subject. There will be numerous individuals in Asia — where enormous quantities of its populace live in an unforgiving common habitat — who won’t miss Japan when its populace has been lessened to ninety million, sixty million or forty million.