LGT Buys 55,000 Stocks of PQ (NYSE: PQG)

The stock market is one kind of market. Here the price of shares rises and falls in minutes and even seconds. This market could become a lucky charm for someone regarding wealth but also a deep dungeon of losses for someone else. So the mainstream idea about the stock market is that it is the market of high risks. This market of stocks and shares could not be trusted at any cost for it has a lot of shades and colors within itself. The updates of this market of stocks change within seconds the one who is most updated and knows exactly what is happening in the market what the shareholders are up to and how the scenario of the market is changing with every passing minute. And then the last but not the least thing that is extremely important and essential but no one has control over this factor; the factor is ‘Luck’. The one whose luck works in the stock market has a glorious and amazing fate waiting for that one person.

At times during the regular operations of the business, the owner realizes that the business could do much better than the present if collaboration is made with some other business. Also opening different avenues for business is another important aspect.  This collaboration of different businesses at times does wonders for both the partners. Two different companies namely LGT and PQ did a sort of collaboration with each other in the form of buying shares. LGT has taken the first step by buying shares of the other company that is the PQ group. The shares that LGT has bought from PQ are fifty thousand in number.

LGT LTD. expanded its stake in PQ Group by 25.1 percent in the final quarter, as indicated by the organization in its latest revelation with the SEC. The institutional financial specialist possessed 274,000 portions of the organization’s stock after purchasing an extra 55,000 offers during the quarter. LGT LTD. claimed about 0.20 percent of PQ worth $4,707,000 as of its latest recording with the SEC.