Novel software device extracts significant data about chemical exposure 

This technology has opened several avenues in the field of computer sciences; that include both software and hardware. Many apps are developed for different purposes. People have them on their mobile phones and utilize them for making their daily life tasks easier and simpler. Where these apps are made to make a regular person’s life easier and more fun there are also certain systems in software that are specifically designed for bigger tasks.

As technology is progressing so is the world progressing at a very rapid rate. Innovations and creativity have no end when it comes to the technology sector. All the companies which are associated with technology remotely or directly are in a race of being the best. This race had proved to be very beneficial to the entire world. As becoming the best requires the best quality and ideas of machinery and technology which obviously would result in better technology, handy machinery which in turn would be the consequence of an easier and better lifestyle of a regular person living a normal life. When technology would become better then obviously the machinery that a normal person uses would also become better hence; this whole situation would conclude in making the life easier and much better than it used to be in the times when there was no technology and people did all their works by hands that of course was time taking and energy-consuming. Those were simpler days with no technology and completely different from the present world.

Southwest Institute of Research is presenting Floodlight, a novel programming apparatus that proficiently finds the immense quantities of synthetic parts—recently known and obscure—present in the nourishment, air and medications. This AI apparatus incorporates calculations with logical science programming to give a profound investigation of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and other instrument information.