India is one of the first ten recipients of FDI, attracting inflows of $49 in 2019

A country’s success and its future majorly depend on the leaders of the country. If the political leader of a country is sincere and loyal towards the best of interest of the country then the nation must strive to the highest limits of the sky. But on the contrary, if the country has not very genuine and sincere politicians and they only work for their interests and benefits then the country’s future is quite surely doomed. Nations usually get the awareness of doing better and being more loyal through their political leaders who prove themselves to be statesmen, not just conventional politicians who are there just to represent their political party without thinking about the nations’ interests as a whole and the betterment of the country in general. They do not have a higher and clearer perspective of their country’s future. They just work for the temporary benefits without having a long-lasting vision for the success of their respective country.

If we talk about India due to the decisions of the Indian leaders there are certain consequences that the people of India have to face. These consequences that are the result of the decisions that are again taken by the leaders of the country could be good or bad. What so ever is the situation the people who will go through it would be the citizens of India. India was among the best 10 beneficiaries of Foreign Direct Investment in 2019, pulling in $49 billion in inflows, a 16 percent expansion from the earlier year, driving the FDI development in South Asia, as indicated by a UN report discharged on Monday.

This is against the setting of more vulnerable macroeconomic execution and strategy vulnerability for financial specialists, including exchange strains, it said. Be that as it may, noteworthy dangers endure, including high obligation gathering among rising and creating economies, geopolitical dangers, and worries about a further move towards protectionist approaches, it included.