SHOWA DENKO KK/ADR, as well as PQ Group, are both simple materials companies. Given below is a comparison of their strengths in terms of profitability, earnings, valuation, analyst recommendations, institutional ownership, risk, and dividends.

68.6 percent of PQ Group shares are owned by institutional investors. 2.6 percent of the shares of PQ Group are held by some company insiders. Strong institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments, as well as the large money managers, are of the view that a company shall outperform the market in the long run.

SHOWA DENKO KK/ADR boasts off a beta of 1.74, which indicates that its stock price is around 74 percent whereas the PQ Group owns a beta of 0.75, which indicates that its stock price is 25 percent less volatile than S&P 500.

SHOWA DENKO KK/ADR runs as a chemical company based in Japan and also internationally. It operates in 6 segments: Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Inorganics, Electronics, Aluminum, and some Others. The segment of Petrochemicals offers olefins, comprising of ethylene, propylene, cracked fuel oils, C4 fraction, and etc.; and organic chemicals, comprising of vinyl acetate monomer, allyl alcohol, vinyl and ethyl acetate, acetaldehyde, allyl ester resins, and acetic acid as well as polypropylene.

PQ Group provides catalysts, specialized in materials and chemicals, and also services in the U.S., the UK, the Netherlands, and internationally. The company runs in 2 segments, Performance Materials and Chemicals; and Environmental Catalysts and Services. It mainly offers emissions control catalysts, refinery catalysts, and also catalyst recycling services for the fuels and the emission controls use; silica gels for the edible oil as well as beer clarification; precipitated silicas and also zeolites for the coating of the surface, dentifrice, and also dishwasher along with laundry detergent applications.