President Moon starts the discussions with the Ministry of Science and ICT

The first stop of the year for the discussion of plans by President Moon Jae-in in the year 2019 was the Ministry of Education. This year, however, he opted for the Ministry of Science and ICT.


The ordering of these visits was not merely symbolic. The administration of Moon sees technology as their future and wishes to encourage and then see the desired results.


On Thursday, during a presentation, the Ministry of Science and ICT said that this year it would increase the data industry’s size in the country to almost 10 trillion won (8.6 billion dollars), up from last year’s 9 trillion.


The ministry also said that it would speed up the usage of personal information by combining public as well as private data so that the industries of Korea shall observe real difference after the passing of their so-called 3 data bills which were approved on 9th January by the National Assembly.


It is planning on making available around 1,310 terabytes of data for the private sector which is more than twice the 640 terabytes that were discussed in the year 2018, in the establishment of the basis for the economy of data. A complete plan for this economy shall be announced by the ministry in the coming month.


At this presentation, President Moon appreciated the passing of the 3 data bills.


Referring to the network, data, and Artificial Intelligence, President Moon said that the 3 data bills that were passed after a very long wait shall be the foundation which shall develop the DNA industry. He added that now they had to take a step forward towards their future.


Since the 3 data bills passed the NA, after over a year of the first draft, the departments of the government have been laying out plans which would maximize the utility of personal information in pushing the fourth industrial revolution of the technology industry and also services.