The Stock Price of Iofina (LON:IOF) Passes Above the 50-Day Average of $26.36

Iofina plc (LON: IOF) shares increased to an extent greater than its 50-day average that was formed during the trading on Friday. The stock of Sofia has fifty days moving average of about $26.36 and was trading at a maximum of even $28.80. Iofina shares were most recently traded at the shocking price of $27.50, with the volume being 546,125 shares.

In a research report that was posted on Friday, the 20th of December, FinnCap reaffirmed the “corporate” rating on the shares of Iofina. The company’s at the present time ratio is of about 3.63, the debt to equity ratio is of about 101.37 and the quick ratio is 2.73.

The business currently has a, fifty days average price of GBX being 26.36 and also a two hundred days average price of GBX being at 24.44. The firm also has a market capitalization of about $52.76 million and also a P/E ratio of about -55.00.

Iofina Company’s Profile (LON: IOF)

Iofina is engaged in the production of water, iodine, and natural gas in the US and also in the United Kingdom. It also offers disinfectants, halogen chemicals, electronic specialty gases, sanitizers, preservatives, heat stabilizers, specialty intermediates, mineral separation, animal health, and odor control products for their use in the pharmaceutical, electronics/semiconductor, personal care, dairy, food and beverage, chemical intermediates, paints and coatings, gemological, nylon and fish and wildlife markets.