Second Korean data center to be added by Oracle in Chuncheon next year

Second Korean data center to be added by Oracle in Chuncheon next year

The second data center of Oracle, the enterprise software giant of the United States, will be opened in South Korea. Staking on forty-thousand enterprise customers here, as part of its goal of bumping up worldwide data network to 36.

Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Oracle, Larry Ellison stated on Monday at the yearly Oracle Open World conference of the firm in San Francisco that Oracle will be adding twenty new cloud accessibility regions to its current sixteen locations by 2021 as part of the new vision of the enterprise cloud computing giant.

As per the most recent plan, Korea will be a country to have dual data centers with the new one in Chuncheon after the primary location in Seoul. Every client in South Korea will be able to benefit from Oracle free tier with no date of expiry, which is valued at 30,000 dollars a year per user.

Other than its infrastructural expansion, Oracle made a couple of separate announcements during the conference for building the autonomous cloud and to show its goal of leading the cloud market.

It was stated by Ellison that there will be an addition of a new Oracle free tier for providing ‘always free ‘Oracle cloud for everyone’ with up to forty GB storage each together with all Oracle tools. The cost of the free service will be of worth more than 30,000 dollars, according to an official of Oracle Korea, will enable even small data users at schools, businesses, as well as, government agencies in accessing the latest enterprise software of the firm supported by AI technology on Oracle cloud infrastructure, according to the explanation of the firm.

Oracle Autonomous Linux was also revealed by Oracle, which is a 2nd generation cloud system, whose database is managed independently to make sure there is no human error and zero data loss.