5 ways to be more productive

Being productive matters to everyone, be it a student, a working professional, or even a homemaker. Productivity implies how good one is to manage and conduct the work irrespective of its quantum. Ensuring productivity brings out the best potential.


Following ways could be adopted to improve the productivity




Being productive does not mean fitting in work as much as possible. A better way to manage work is by prioritizing it. Work can be prioritized based on its importance, delivery time, or someone else’s dependency on it, etc. Conducting the things this way not only will bring order but will also enable one to complete the quantity without compromising the quality.


Plan the day in advance 


In an attempt to be productive, the next day shall be planned in advance. Go through the schedule; see for any deliverables for that day, or any meeting or calls. This will prioritize the tasks for the next day. For the rest of the day, the remaining tasks can be planned and scheduled.


Time management 


Time management is key to being productive. Stick to a routine so that all the important things get done timely and daily. This habit will not let you miss the most essential things even on a busy day. With better time management, one will not miss the exercise session because of more work ever. It will enable you to make time available to pursue hobbies or for social gatherings. It will eventually make one achieve the work-life balance and will improve the quality of life.


Keep the mornings for yourself


A productive day begins with the right start. Start the day with physical exercise, meditation, and a healthy breakfast. Physical Exercise will help one keep active throughout the day and keep away the lethargy. Meditation will help to keep the mind active, calm, and focussed on work. Healthy breakfast will ensure to maintain the energy levels and metabolism to run through the day. Productivity starts with a healthy and active body and a sound mind.


Complete important tasks in the first half of the day 


The energy and freshness tend to go down by the day. Try to complete all the important tasks before lunch. All the things that need concentration, fine quality or precision shall be done during the first half. All the other dealings can be kept for the rest of the day like meetings or conference calls etc. One will be more peaceful to pursue hobbies or meeting friends in the evening when all the important things have already been done in the first half.