Spend your quarantine effectively!  

COVID – 19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. People are finding it difficult to cope with the lockdown and social distancing it has brought along. To deal with this time and get over the negative news around, one can look on the brighter side to spend this time constructively and make most of it.


The quarantine can be spent effectively in the following ways


Spend quality time with Family 


With the office schedule and office home travel, there is hardly any quality time left for the family. Quarantine serves as the best time to spend with family members. One can sit with them and chat, watch old favorite movies, open up old albums, recreate a few of them, and so on.


Connect with friends 


The hectic schedule of the office makes one miss the kind of life they had in school or college. The time spent with friends is missed the most. It is the perfect time to reconnect with all the old friends and getting nostalgic with them. An effort could also be made to check on the well- being of acquaintances, colleagues of the previous office, etc.


Learn new skills


Learning is a never-ending process. It not only supplements the current office profile but also helps to acquire any new role or responsibility in the office in the future. One can spend time picking up on few online courses or learning the basics of any program on the web or even attempt to learn about what one cares about apart from the professional life; like environment, nutrition science, etc.


Pursue hobbies 


During childhood, everyone has thought of pursuing hobbies as their carrier. Those who were good at drawing wanted to be a painter, those with dance moves wanted to be trained dance professionals, and so on. However, with higher studies and professional life later, all those hobbies have become a thing of the past. It is time to get back to them and refine the old mastered skills. These will also serve as the perfect break time or weekend activity after the lockdown is over.


Build healthy habits


People tend to have a monotonous schedule with respect to the office which is generally comprised of just office work, office travel, and rest for the key chores. With such plenty of time available at home, one can plan to spend it constructively with pursuing some healthy habits. Thoughts shall also be made on habits to make it sustainable so that it could be followed even with the hectic schedule of the office. It could include meditating, practicing yoga/meditation, emphasizing the nutrition part of the food, and accordingly planning of meals, etc.


Cook your meals 


One can experiment with the cooking skills in the quarantine time. Cooking comes last on the list with the office. It is the time when one can cook their meal and learn new recipes. When the lockdown is over and the office is resumed, the colleagues could also relish on what you had learned in the quarantine.


Home time – cleaning/decor 


Being at home, one can utilize time by putting it at home. Clean the cupboards, bookshelves, study, manage books, re-arrange stuff, organize shoe rack, etc. One can also give a shot to revamp the home to make it look more beautiful and clean the dirty corners as well. Relocate the pots, take the old pictures out and put in DIY frames, take out the old stuff and clothes that are no longer used, and look for places where it can be donated to the needy.




The one thing that’s mostly overlooked with day to day routines is one’s self. Take this time to pamper yourself. Get adequate sleep, ensure to drink plenty of water, sip on detox-water to flush out toxins from the body, etc. For women, follow a hair care routine, take care of the skin with the help of homemade face masks, etc. It is a perfect time to go organic and find suitable DIY hair and face masks in the kitchen.


Read and watch 


Quarantine is the perfect time to binge on the shows that one always wanted to. With Netflix, Amazon, and Hot star in place, there is no limit to the content to watch. One can also pick on movies and binge-watch them. Reading is yet another thing with which one can spend the quarantine time constructively. Work on the bucket list and finish all the readings on it.


Plan for future 


Apart from spending the current time constructively, it is also the time when one can envision how things can be shaped better for the future. One can make the foundation strong by reading and learning, look for new work opportunities, and prepare oneself for the same. Apart from these, steps could also be taken to shape oneself better financially like reviewing few health and insurance schemes, studying some tax benefit schemes, getting hands-on knowledge for investments, etc.