Florida shuts-down for 30 days from April 3 2020

The latest American state to close down is Florida. With two new deaths reported in the last 24 hours, the city now has a total of 87 deaths due to coronavirus. The shut-0dpwn was announced by Governor Ron DeSantis.

During his announcement, DeSantis stated that he was instructing Florida to take a 30-day pause starting midnight of April 3 2020. During this statewide shut-down people may go out for groceries and essentials.

Interestingly Governor DeSantis had not put the state in a lockdown till now though more than 30 states of US have already done so. Miami-Dade and Broward counties are the areas that have reported the most cases in Florida. The reason for the spike of cases in these areas, as given by DeSantis is the high proportion of international travellers to these places.

Allegedly a trigger that escalated the Governor’s decision for a shut-down is attributed to a new model released by the University of Washington, with a prediction. According to the model, April 2020 will see a rise in the cases and deaths with about 175 deaths by May when the infections will peak.

With the shutdown and closing of businesses even before the call of the Governor, many people were laid off. This has created a large scale filing for unemployment in the state. The CARES Act which is the $2.2 trillion federal bill passed by the congress, is expected to pay $600 a week for the unemployed.

In the meanwhile taking advantage of the deserted road or roads with minimal traffic, DeSantis wants to speed up the construction work.