UN Chief: Corona virus has the potential to kill millions

No country, big or small, developed or underdeveloped has been spared by the wrath of coronavirus. It has already killed 9,829 people globally and infected 236,917. These are huge numbers, but these can be worse. China was the place of origin for this virus, yet it has penetrated the farthest of the corners. In a comic take, coronavirus seems to be the most democratic organism around now, treating one and all equally.

However, the United Nations has a scary warning to issue. UN chief Antonio Guterres stated that if coronavirus is let free it will spread like wildfire and kill millions.

In his words, Guterres states that what the world is facing with coronavirus is a world crisis. He said that it is unlike any crisis that the United Nations had to face in the last 75 years.

The UN chief also observed that many countries have shown that this virus can be contained. It is, therefore, a most pressing need for everyone to ensure that this killer virus is contained. He pointed out three vital facets that must be taken into consideration:

  • Everyone must do everything possible to tackle the health emergency
  • The focus must be on social and economic impact responses and ;
  • Recovery and abstinence from protectionism

Guterres points out that right now the need is for collective action. Till all the nations are engaged in saving their turf a stronger collective plan cannot be reached. He said that the governments must provide support to WHO.

Coronavirus is essentially a fight that everyone is fighting to save the human race from extinction. It is a virus which must e battled with treatments an cure. However, with lockdowns and work from home becoming a mandate, this virus is also forcing the world to look inside the societal norms and man-made corporate systems. At this time of crisis what is needed is wage support, insurance coverage, social protection and prevention of job loss and bankruptcy.