Coronavirus: Human to animal transmission possible, a Pomeranian infected 

Coronavirus Human to animal transmission possible, a Pomeranian infected

With so many theories about the origin of the COVID19, it was initially said that the virus was spreading from animals to humans. Later on, it was believed that the virus is contained at the human to human transmission stage. However, this was recently proven wrong.

Humans have now started passing on the virus to their pets.

In Hong- Kong a third pet has been diagnosed with coronavirus. Mention worthy here is the fact that the Pomeranian in question has been testing “weak positive” since last week. It is currently quarantined in the animal center.

Two more dogs are suspected to be infected due to their proximity to the owner who tested positive for the virus. They too are quarantined. Though the dogs have tested not positive for now, they will be monitored and checked regularly.

According to Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) the pet Pomerania has a low-level coronavirus infection. This is an alarming diagnosis as human to animal transmission will act in favor of increasing the numbers of infected cases.

Authorities have however strictly instructed the pet parents to not abandon their pets. The concerned authorities have asked people to practice good hygiene to safeguard their pets. Interestingly, the pets in quarantine including the Pomeranian did not display any obvious symptoms of hosting the virus.