G-20 Summit Saudi Arabia: Will this event be a Success this time

G-20 Summit Saudi Arabia

20 summit to be held in Saudi Arabia, an event that will be long remembered. He is keen on understanding the smallest of details. For instance with the event so near, the Prince kept on refusing designs of logos presented by some of the best in the world. He has finally chosen one created by a twenty-eight-year-old local Mohammed Al-Hawas. The logo showcases a traditional form of weaving.

Mohammed bin Salman is a reformist and he is looking at the G 20 gathering of the world’s most powerful nations in Saudi Arabia as an opportunity.

Currently, Saudi Arabia faces a series of accusations that do not reflect positive reviews about the kingdom. To begin with, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently granted a woman the right to drive cars. Moreover, the controversy over the assassinated critic and Saudi Arabia’s twenty –five years on war with Yemen are images of the kingdom that the Prince is surely looking at overriding by hosting this event.

The finance ministers and the central bankers will land in Riyadh this Saturday. Post this the world leaders will gather at Saudi Arabia for the World summit in November.

Saudi Arabia’s minister, Turki Al-Shabanah stated that with the event being, the spotlight will be on the kingdom. The minister went on to contemplate how they can take advantage of this chance to tell the world their story in a positive way.

A lot is riding on the event especially after a previous event in Saudi Arabia had to be canceled after nations boycotted the murder of Khashoggi. The hope of Saudi Arabia still needs to be in check as many powerful nations still have not given their ascent to attend the event. The United Kingdom, Russia, and China have not yet okayed the sending of a delegation to the kingdom. The central bankers of India and Turkey too are not ready to send a delegation to Saudi.

If this event fails too, Saudi Arabia will have no one to blame but itself. Though Prince Salman is trying to go towards liberalization age-old customs and traditions will take to take effect in this male-dominated country.