You love your home and absolutely admire its interiors. That is your familiar space. But sometimes too much of a known territory does become boring.  It often happens with our home decors too. We want a little change sometimes, a little addition here and a little less there.

Here are some home decor trends that will rule the roost for 2020.

Luxury will be replaced by the laid back style:  Home spells space and comfort. That will be the driving motivation for this year’s home designs.

New York-based Anthony Barzilay Freund, 1stdibs editorial director and director of fine art says that there is a definite shift in the way interior design is being perceived today.  Nowadays the inclination is not to create picture-perfect spaces. People want individualism to reflect on how they fix the decor of the house.

He goes on to add today elegance in home decor means not trying too hard.

Preference for quality: Handcrafted decor items are preferred. That slightly out of place line or the distorted patch of color on the green crafted leaf is now an artistic decor to be preserved and cherished.

According to Andrea Moore people now want their decor to tell a story. A story that she shares brings out the expectation of people in the context of how people like made to order setups today. She says that one of her projects was at the Taylor Howes. He and she were asked to recreate what already existed in the older days. Moreover, symmetry and colors in sync are no longer the need. People are now going for contrast. The vibrancy of the colors sometimes explodes inside or they can be subtle.

Colors of the wall: A proven fact is that colors can soothe a mind most easily. The trend now is to go for pastel colors for home call it calming colors, these make room for space visually. The last fad was neutral colors. After a point in time, neutral shades start becoming dull.

Last but not least in 2020 the trendsetter would be warm hues of wood. Pieces of wood have their own rustic charm. Yet the monotony of a set of white painted wooden cabinets can be broken by brown rustic and unpolished partitions.