Top 3 reasons for opting to work in co-working space

Brick and mortar offices are losing their appeal as more and more professionals today prefer to work from a space that is comfortable for them. With startups big in the scenario and the millennial looking for the best way to work while on the go, co-working spaces are making its mark and demand felt like an emerging trend in the corporate as well as the real estate space too.

Imagine this:

A 4-year-old company that caters to clients across the globe. The team catering to the client is a mix of full-time employees and freelancers.

Full-time employees are not more than four people. Here, will hiring a brick and mortar office really be beneficial? Most of the team members will be in touch via calls, chats and video chats.

The only need for an exclusive space would be for monthly meetings and for emergency meetups. The solution lies in hiring co-working spaces, which can be booked and used for as long as needed for the day. Of course, a meeting like this can happen anywhere, even someone’s home. In that case, why should anyone hire a space? The need for a professional co-working occurs since these spaces provide people with a professional set up, for video calls and presentations, desks and chairs, and an ambiance. They are well equipped with facilities that an office has.

With sharing spaces becoming a booming need, businesses are optimizing on the scope to provide co-working spaces.




Here are a few reasons why co-working spaces are a hit


Flexibility: Hire a workspace at the time you need it. Some corporates have highly mobile teams, like the sales teams. These teams do not really need desks and chairs or even an office.

Hence with co-working spaces, people get the flexibility to work in their own time and pace.


Attracting the right recruitment: With Woman stepping up and out into the corporate world, the glitz and the glamour of adhering to a fixed time is no big deal. Add the spice of a family to it and hell breaks loose.

In fact, surveys prove that talented and dedicated employees, especially women fall back in the rat race and are ousted.  However, with flexible timings and a co-working place to work at, corporates can retain their talent pool, without letting the barrier of a fixed timing hamper their present set up.


Real estate economics for corporates: According to the real estate market, it is estimated that offices never work at full throttle. Leaves, sick leaves, mobile teams, and other events collectively leave around 30% seats empty.

This makes co-working spaces an economical and completely optimized choice.