Valentine’s Day: Ode to Love that conquers all

Man sustains 90% burns to save his wife

With Valentine’s Day a day away, a story of love and keeping wedding vows to till death has surfaced from UAE. This is the story about a husband who almost died saving his wife in a fire accident.

32 year old India business man, Anil Ninan, based in United Arab Emirates sustained ninety percent while trying to save his wife. The accident occurred on 10 th February, when a fire broke out in their apartment. The cause seems to be an electrical short circuit. The wife Neenu has sustained 10 percent burns and is stable.

The Keralite couple has a four year old son. A religious couple who visits the church regularly, prayers in abundance are being sent to God.

True love dares where few can.


Eyes can appease beauty but a soul will always look for Love

An acid attack on a woman will inevitably leave the image of a maligned face and body. For most the look passes for frightening, some will sympathies but there would that one person who will never see the scars overshadowing the soul.

Roul is an acid victim. She was just fifteen when a para military man proposed to her. She refused. He doused her in acid. Roul was in the ICU for four months and was bed ridden for four years.

Life was a struggle and she was fighting it. As life would have it, she later developed a leg infection that would take another 4 years to heal.

Saroj walked into the hospital when Roul was treated, to meet his friend. That was the day Saroj saw Roul, blind as she was.

They got talking and he became a regular visitor in Roul’s life. Post her eye operation Roul saw Saroj for the first time. Time healed a lot of wounds for Roul.

But for both of them time also brought Roul and Saroj close enough to make them a married couple.

Love and Time have always been the best healers.




Love has always defied age and societal norms

She is the beauty who never had any dearth of men. But her relationships with men never worked as she would have liked them to. Amornrat Ruamsin, 27, was still looking for love.

It was then that she met Pitchaya Kachainrum, all of 16, but matured enough to woo Amornrat.

They legally could not marry since Pitchaya was still not 17. So they had a symbolic wedding, where Pitchaya carried their 5 month old baby girl, in her arms. .