Chocolate Day: Love, chocolate and Romance

In the world where cut-throat competition is a way of living, some days are reserved to especially reiterate that special days still exist. 9 of February is such a day, a day filled with the sweetness of chocolates. This day makes a symbolic reference to the sweetness that exists in a couple’s life like the ever loved chocolates.

The tradition is to gift the loved one, his or her favorite chocolate.  Historically this day is traced back to 1550. Incidentally at that point in time; the chocolate day was in terms of a day when the world was introduced to chocolate.

Here is an interesting bit of information. Chocolate day is celebrated throughout the world on different dates too. However, 14 th of February is when Ghana, the second-largest producer of Cocoa, celebrates Chocolate day.  Cocoa is the ingredient that makes chocolate.

The United States of America celebrates the same on 28 th of October. Note: this chocolate day in the USA is referred to as the National Chocolate Day too. However, the chocolatiers of the U.S. National Confectioners Association consider September thirteenth (Sep 13) as the International Chocolate day. Latvia, a region in Finland celebrates the same on July 11 th.

A little research also reveals that not everyone celebrates a mundane chocolate day. Sample this: There are days that are celebrated as Bitter-Chocolate day, Milk Chocolate day; White chocolate Day, and Chocolate covered anything day.

A little story that exists is about the first bar of chocolate. A man named Joseph Fry in1847 happened to discover a little secret: that of a moldable bar of chocolate. He realized that when he melted cacao butter into Dutch cocoa, he could make a moldable paste of chocolate. Twenty years later a British company called Cadbury marketed and sold chocolate candies inboxes.

Have you heard of dark skin is referred to like chocolate? There is a geographical fact behind this reference. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. These beans grow in the Central and South American regions. Hot and rainy, maps will show them to be near the Equator. Often referred to as Latin America, cocoa has been grown in these parts for 100 years now. Since people in these parts are dark-skinned, they are often referred to as chocolate skin too.

Chocolates are sweet to taste and loved by all. Hence a chocolate hamper did the rounds this year and was trending everywhere.