Stage 4 cancer is killing Shannen Doherty

American actress and director, Shannan Doherty were on Good Morning America on Tuesday, where she revealed that her cancer has relapsed. She revealed that her court documents will reflect the same. The documents here refer to the case that she is fighting against State Farm, an insurance company.

This lawsuit was filed in the context of the Woolsey wildfire that destroyed engulfed a vast area of Los Angeles and Ventura in November 2018. Shannen was out of the country when the fire destroyed 96,949 acres of land. Three fatalities were reported in the fire along with complete destruction of 1,643 structures.

The lawsuit that Doherty has filed is with regard to the claim that she is making on State farm, her insurer, of not obliging her by paying $1.4 million. She states that her intent of filing the lawsuit has a lot to do with the fact that she would like to set an example for others like her who are troubled by their insurance companies.

Post the fire Shannen has not been able to move back to her house as she is not comfortable moving back into a “yet to be repaired” house.

State Farm has also taken a stand in their defense stating that as per the damages and the insurance cover for the actress’s house, they have already paid her $1.1 million towards cleaning and repairing the house and her personal property. The insurance company also paid for Shannen’s loss of personal property along with rental temporary housing and furniture. However, State farm states that Shannen still claims that she is entitled to additional benefits as per her Homeowner’s policy.

State farm further added that they empathize with Ms. Doherty’s health issues. However, they strongly believe that they have taken care of the dues to be paid thoroughly and hence they are prepared to defend their position in the court.

Allegedly, the opening line in Doherty’s court documents will read as “Plaintiff Shannen Doherty is dying of stage 4 terminal cancer.” The attorney’s handling the case has claimed that post the diagnosis, the claimant is being dragged  the insurance company whereas post the terminal diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, the actress would like to peacefully “live out her remaining years.”