Delta’s groundbreaking 8 K technology demonstrates the elegance of future art at VIP night.

The Delta Electronics event held a VIP Night at Mori Tower in Tokyo, Japan, was aggressively exploring new applications for 8 K projection technology. At the exhibition “Future and the Arts” held in Mori Art Museum, Delta welcomed almost 100 first-class Japanese customers and partners, showcasing its state-of-the-art 8 K screening technology to demonstrate the beauty of modern art in stunning detail. Several high-profile guests attended the event alongside VIPs from top Japanese companies, Yoshiko Mori, Chair of the Mori Art Museum, Fumio Nanjo, Senior Advisor to Mori Artwork Museum, and Bruce Cheng as founder and Honorary Chairman of Delta Group and President of Delta Electronics, Inc. Yancey Hai was invited.

Delta also showed 8 K films made by the Delta team on a widescreen at the VIP Night event. The scope of the work was presented to the guests by Shan-shan Guo, chief Delta Electronics brand manager, and vice-president of the Delta Electronics Foundation. Much was highlighted by the Delta Electronic Foundation and NHK Enterprises ‘ world’s first eight-kilogram environmental documentary “Water with life,” and the 8-kilogram documentary of the world’s largest eight-K outdoor projective event with its new “Water with Life” initiative, which attracted a thousand viewers at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan in 2019.

Delta has deliberately set up new models for cooperation with local artists and cultural operators to expand its business expansion with productive installations and implementations of revolutionary 8 K projection technology in the Japanese market. Recently it cooperated with a major Japanese public media organization, which used large screens for large international sports events and conventional national drama broadcasts in Tokyo, for 8 K Living broadcasts.

Live 8 K shows amazing information and zero time differences from engaged audiences at different sites in thrilling sport and stage activities. Since its premiere in the Taichung Science and Technology Museum last March, 8 K environmental film “Water with Life,” has been on display across Asia. The documentary premiered in Japan in the Akihabara Delta 8 K Experience Showroom and is still being shown to a wide audience via NHK BS 8 K satellite. The Delta VIP Night at Mori Tower also received a great reply.