Andres Parmas said he never came into contact with the so-called “deep state”

Andres Parmas, who was named the new Estonia prosecutor general on Thursday, said he never came into contact with the so-called “deep state,” writes the daily Postimees.


“I think Estonia is governed by the rule of law and I personally have never, in any way, come into contact with the deep state,” Parmas said. “If there are any particular complaints, they will certainly be dealt with, probably in criminal proceedings.” So far, he said, no organized activity aimed against the rule of law has yet to be seen.


Parmas said the Office of the Prosecutor can not be accused of deliberately taking any biased decisions.


“There are naturally decisions that raise some questions or cause confusion,” he said, adding that these decisions have so far been the result of other factors, such as human error, laziness, lack of expertise or time. However, he noted that he is unable to provide any examples of the prosecutor’s office knowingly behaving in a biased manner, based on his work experience.


Asked why he joined the Isamaa party in 2006, Parmas said the way he articulated his conservative worldview was his.


“I’ve been an ordinary Participant,” said Parmas. “I never put myself forward for any role in the party or for any political post, nor did I ever stand for election or achieve any personal gain from membership in my party,” he continued. “He also never gave any indication that he was an ardent supporter of the party in his professional or other activities.