Ukrainian Foreign Minister says no Reason to Claim Plane Crash as Terrorist Attack

On Friday, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Mr. Vadym Prystaiko said that there were no reasons apparent so far that could claim a terrorist act behind the tragic crash of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 passenger plane in Iranian borders.

On Wednesday, a Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine International Airlines crashed in the vicinity of Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran not long after takeoff. All 176 souls on board were killed, including the citizens of Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

In a news briefing aired on Ukrainian television, the foreign minister claimed that at this point, they did not have sufficient evidence for claiming that there were any substances on that aircraft that pointed out at a terrorist act or any unnatural events or damage to the plane.

The Minister further added that the experts were currently investigating and analyzing the nature of damage that was done to the engines of the Ukrainian aircraft.

He said that these were parts of the plane that were burned, and such parts require a very detailed study, for instance, the residues of chemicals that may or may not be classified as mixtures of explosive nature.

The foreign minister also added that not all the parts of the plane had yet been collected, both engines were there, but there were also certain important parts for them that were yet to be found. The Iranian side was primarily working on looking for those parts.

The Minister said that it was too early to make claims on the cause of the tragedy.