North Korea’s Christmas gift to the U.S. may be a long-range missile

North Korea's Christmas gift to the U.S. may be a long-range missile

According to an MIT professor, North Korea’s Christmas gift to the U.S. may be a long-range missile.

Vipin Narang, MIT’s Associate Professor of Political Science, told the “Squawk Box” of CNBC that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent a letter to the United States. Throughout the summer and fall, President Donald Trump as Pyongyang tested more short-range missiles than any other year in his presidency.

“It was a loud and clear call. This was the maximum pressure plan for President Trump by Kim Jong Un. Like if you don’t hear me about changing your equations and offering relief and security assurances for sanctions and getting rid of the aggressive strategy, I will show you how long-range missiles look and, “Narang said.

Kim had previously given the U.S. a vague deadline to change course on denuclearization negotiations by the end of this calendar year. Kim has cited the deadline many times since the abrupt end of talks with Trump in Hanoi earlier this year without giving more information.

Earlier this month, state media quoted a top official from North Korea saying “what Christmas gift it will choose to get is entirely up to the U.S..” “Now, as the year draws to a close, we may end up seeing what Kim Jong Un can do when he turns up the volume,” added the professor, “North Korea is not always bluffing, and Kim Jong Un has so far remained true to his promises and expressions.” Another analyst previously told CNBC that Pyongyang might test an intercontinental ballistic missile on Christmas Day.

Narang noted that the isolated nation was testing installations that were “supposedly demolished.” “And re-nuclearization is the significance of conducting experiments at the downgraded sites. He’s taking steps to reverse it, and that’s a calculated move, “he added.

In a Wednesday report, Asia Manager Scott Seaman of the Eurasia Group wrote that “tensions are rising faster than we anticipated… Trump and Kim’s prospects of completing the denuclearization agreement before the US election in 2020 have deteriorated. “Reuters confirmed that U.S. Special Envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, urged Pyongyang to resume talks on Monday. He also rejected the year-end deadline for Kim and stressed the readiness of Washington to address “all matters of concern,” Reuters reported.