The Era of Digital Economy

The era of Digital Economy

Nwabueze, who talked as a visiting teacher at the event of the 2019 Investiture and third Distinguished Personality Lecturer sorted out by the Faculty of Art of the University, additionally vowed to investigate his presentation, contacts, and experience to support the fortunes of the organization. Talking in a paper titled “Re-designing Igbo Apprenticeship Model in an Era of Digital Economy,” Engr. Nwabueze clarified that the Igbo Apprenticeship Model had been acknowledged worldwide as one of the key factors that made such a great amount of riches in South-Eastern Nigeria, for the most part, inside the non-University graduates.

“This model is answerable for why there are a larger number of very rich people in Southeast Nigeria than some other piece of Africa. We can easily say that a large number of the present very rich people in Southeast Nigeria, business magnets are results of the apprenticeship model. Igbo apprenticeship is a model that should be considered, dissected, and improved to stay aware of changes in business condition and mechanical headway”, he said. He communicated bliss with the advancement the improvement exertion of the college and the Faculty of Arts specifically, saying that he would join forces with the University to help in most basic territory of building up the ICT and enterprise with the idea that can influence an upset and change in outlook which will interface the UNN to the remainder of the world for the advantages of the understudies, the University and Nigeria on the loose.