Where was the ex-Watford manager going wrong?

Where was the ex-Watford manager going wrong

The decision of Watford to defeat Quique Sanchez Flores after 10 games in the Premier League is one reality, as Hornets are aware that they must stay at any expense in the Premier League and that this position is at danger.

Watford’s disappointing 2-1 defeat at Southampton signaled the end for Flores by putting only eight points from a total of 14 games at Hornets ‘ bottom of the table.

Just 30 minutes after the announcement of Javi Gracia’s sack, who has lost three of the first four Premier League games of last season, was confirmed the return of Flores on 7 September.

It was a game to take a turn after Gracia’s departure to his Spaniard Sanchez Flores, who had previously been on the Vicarage Road for a season to finish 13th in 2015-16.

Sanchez Flores was unable to turn this tide except for a win that could still be seen as invaluable three points in Norwich City.

It began well enough when Watford fought back from two goals, drawing up an 8-0 loss in Manchester City with Arsenal in his first game.

With just seven goals in those 10 league games Sanchez Flores has failed to take advantage of Watford’s opportunities to strike, and when the holes in the back became bigger, everything was ended.

Watford returned to Sanchez Flores posed an element of risk. There is now even more risk of relegation so he had to go.

Watford offers a global scouting network which unveils Richarlison before other followers.

The philosophy of Watford is that the career of a manager in a table club is very short. The individual will either do well or be a goal for others or problems will arise and a decision will have to be made.