NHS being used for the General Election

NHS being used for the General Election

Party leaders Mr. Boris Johnson along with Jeremy Corbyn are arguing on who is most trusted on the NHS by the public, according to a YouGov poll this week.

Both the Labor Party and the conservatives have promised billions of dollars for the cause of health care in the United Kingdom, but the Chief Executive, Chris Hopson of NHS Providers, the membership organization for ambulance, acute, and community services, warned the leaders of the party last week to not use the NHS during their campaigns as a “political weapon”.

Hopson has warned that “over-dramatizing NHS difficulties” or even making claims of “disingenuous” funding did no favors to the service.

He also said that they should not use cheap political slogans as well as skimming across the top, which they have been doing for the last four to five elections.

A director at Hanover, Alex Davies, believes that the ongoing political ‘arms race’ over the NHS could not be avoided because of the public sentiment towards it, and also that it is second only to the Brexit outcome in the electorate’s mind.

He said that the Tories had very traditionally tried to stay away from health service at the elections, as they feared that it was an argument that could never have won. He also said that he understood that the Downing Street had been disappointed by the lack of credit from the voters which they received for the launch of their Long Term Plan, and now they strongly believe that they have a powerful message to sell to their public.

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