The ICT sector is going to need more employees

The ICT sector is going to need more employees

CEO, BoardPAC, Lakmini Wijesundera

Sri Lanka needs to capitalize on the openings provided by the fourth industrial revolution. We should not miss this chance that will raise the bar for the country by hitching emerging technologies, Chief Executive Officer, BoardPAC, Lakmini Wijesundera stated.

“ICT (Information Communication Technology), is a profession where more women can profit. Therefore, they should get involved in the ICT section in a big way for the country to develop rapidly. As there is a dearth in the ICT workforce, women can play an important role in bridging this break and contribute towards amplified foreign exchange generation,” she stated in an interview with Business Observer.


  1. How has the global acknowledgment benefited the company?
  2. BoardPAC providing Ernst & Young it’s services in 56 countries across the sphere for its EY EOY programs is another acknowledgment it has won which has been useful to BoardPAC’s growth and reputation.

The global acknowledgment has opened doors to big client wins such as EY, RBI, Petron as and the list goes on. It confirms the brand and product in the highly competitive worldwide landscape.

  1. What are your global expansion policies in the future?
  2. BoardPAC has a dream of being the #1 board management software and top 100 worldwide brands. BoardPAC is present in 20 countries inclusive of Malaysia, USA, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, India among others with a sturdy presence in each of these areas. BoardPAC has arranged its offices in each of these countries.