IKT Norge a good place to start

IKT Norge a good place to start

Government figures show that at least 80,000 people work in ICT, and that number is rising all the time. Software engineers, hardware developers and everything in between are in high demand.

Because of the global nature of ICT development, the expectation for Norwegian language ability tends to be lower. This makes it easier for a foreigner to get a foot in the door, although you’ll be expected to learn the language in the long run.

A good place to start is IKT Norge, or ICT Norway as they call themselves in English. IKT Norge is the interest group for the industry, representing companies large and small. It is not a union and companies join rather than individuals, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on them to get a feel for the latest developments in the industry. One of those trends is outsourcing.

Several companies have been founded by entrepreneurial Scandinavians to take advantage of geo-arbitrage. That’s essentially the concept of earning in Norwegian kroner and spending in another currency where costs are lower. In this scenario, it means earning Norwegian fees while hiring foreign workers in cheaper countries to do the work.

How this works in practice is actually quite simple. Typically, they base a company of local developers in countries with a lower cost of living. Then, they use a smaller team of Norwegian-speaking staff to communicate with their clients.

However, this is far from the only game in town. As exchange rates have shifted, paying for services in Euro has become much more expensive for Norwegian companies. This—along with difficulties of workflows and communications—has led to the popularity of insourcing.