Sanctions by the UN avoided by North Korea to fulfill the rising demand for smartphones

Sanctions by the UN avoided by North Korea to fulfill the rising demand for smartphones

In order to cash in on rising domestic demand for smartphones, North Korea is avoiding United Nations sanctions, by using low-cost hardware imports for generating substantial income for the government, as per the statement of the experts, defectors, as well as, an analysis of the phones made by North Korea.

As estimate made by the economists is that as many as six million people of North Korea, which is equivalent to 1/4th of the populations, now have the possession of mobile phones, which is a necessary tool for taking part in an informal market economy which has become a vital source of income for the plenty.

Reporters had a talk with nearly ten experts and defectors regarding the use of mobile phones in North Korea. They also reviewed state media reports, as well as, ads for mobile devices, and did an analysis of two branded smartphones made in North Korea.

The phones feature a version of the open-source Android operating system of Google, and batteries of Taiwanese semiconductors which are manufactured in China, as shown by the analysis of the North Korea mobile devices.

The sanctions imposed by the United Nations in 2017 due to the weapons program by North ban the imports of mobile phone hardware.

A wireless network has been endorsed by Kim Jong-Un who is a North Korean leader. Reportedly, some of the wireless networks have been built with the aid of Huawei Technologies Co of China, as well as, local mobile phone brands via public speeches, as well as, a visit to a mobile phone factory reported by state media.

Typically the cost of the North Korean phones lies between US 100 dollars and US 400 dollars in private markets or at state stores, defectors and experts told.

At the stores of the North Korean Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, subscriptions to the mobile carriers are registered.