Launch of new ‘AI in Education’ by Microsoft in Education’ podcast

Launch of new ‘AI in Education’ by Microsoft in Education' podcast

The significance of artificial intelligence has been often highlighted by Microsoft lately. 5 months back, the technology giant, referring to a study, mentioned that Artificial Intelligence would be a source of 5 trillion dollars to the international gross domestic product growth in the impending years, amongst various other benefits. On a similar day, artificial intelligence solutions were highlighted by Microsoft which is used for keeping the infrastructure safe. In recent months, a few interesting Microsoft patents which used numerous artificial intelligence systems were also seen by us.

At present, a new podcast series which is centered on the tech wave in various fields of education has been launched by the Redmond Company. The first episode was released with the title ‘Artificial Intelligence in Education’.

The series is being hosted by two members of the Australia Education team of Microsoft, namely, Ray Fleming and Dan Bowen. The work in which both of them have been engaged in recent years has a direct relation with the field of artificial intelligence. As such, they will be doing discussions on what artificial intelligence actually is, and the way it can use in schools, colleges, as well as, universities.

You should keep that in mind that their discussions in this regard would not be concerned with the technicalities of Artificial Intelligence. Rather it will be introducing some fundamental aspects of Artificial Intelligence, and do a discussion on its implications in simple terms. Apart from that, Fleming and Bowen will respectively be highlighting Artificial Intelligence with respect to schools and higher education, which is basically their respective areas of expertise. At any point, they will also hold interviews with those people who have specialized in other areas as well, for example personalizing learning and accessibility, with respect to Artificial Intelligence.